While every effort is being taken to ensure a safe run, participants are responsible for their own health and safety and are participating in the event at their own risk. The Event promoters/their employees/Event Sponsors/Event Partners/their associates will not be responsible or liable for any sort of bodily injury, illness or death sustained to or by you whatsoever and howsoever this is caused.

  1. Participants will have to produce double vaccination certificate at the bib collection centre.
  2. Covid Task force will be deployed to monitor the SOP pre-race/race day/post-race.
  1. Holding area will be sanitized 30 mins before the reporting time of each race category.
  2. Temperature check will be done for all the participants entering the holding area.
  3. Sanitizer will be kept at the entrance of the holding area for the participants.
  1. Volunteers will be deployed to monitor the social distance among participants.
  1. Runners will be asked to maintain social distance on the course.
  2. Runners will be requested not to run in groups and maintain social distance.
  3. Port-a-loos (at the venue and on route) will be sanitized as and when used by the participants.
  1. Structural material like (Gazebo tent/Chairs/Table/Cloth/light) will be sanitized before the deployment.
  2. Sanitizer will be kept at all the water stations on route.
  3. Volunteers at the Start/Finish and on the route will be wearing the face mask and gloves to serve the consumables to the participants.
  4. Volunteers will keep the consumables on the counter to maintaining social distancing. Volunteers will not serve anything to the participants.
  1. Recovery and finishing area will be sanitized before the participants reach to the finish line.
  2. Contactless Water distribution at the finish line.
  3. Volunteers will be wearing the mask and hand-gloves at the time of distributing the finisher medals.
  4. Fresh face mask to be given to participant at entrance of finishing tent.
  5. Physios’ team will be wearing the Face mask and hand gloves to support the participants.
  6. Contact less refreshment box distribution.
  7. Wearing mask in the finishing area will be compulsory.
  8. All the government guidelines (use of sanitizer, mask, social distancing) will be followed strictly pre and post the event.
  9. Ambulance with medical team will be available at the Start/on the course/Finish point to take the participant to the nearest hospital in case of any emergency situation.
  1. Transport bus will be fully sanitized for the participants to reach the start point.
  2. Participants will not be allowed to stay back at the finish point.
  1. Pre-event communication regarding SOPs and protocols will be sent to all participants.
    Note: All the participants will have to follow all the instructions given by the organizers/volunteers.